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Discovery17B by Exodus Travels (2010)


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Urania leilus.

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Urania leilus.

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a haiku for every boy I….

1. you told everyone you
adored me, I ignored you
and eventually caved

2. I forced you to things
prom and the movies
it was awkward

3. you guessed my ethnicity
peed in the fire escape left your jacket in my dorm room

4. we did weird things together
you told me you loved me and then apologized

5. the party at your house
was much better than the club
so you convinced me

6. 4am you were sad and single
your girlfriend hates me

7. you got more stoned than I did,
I could barely keep up

8. we met the last week of college, you lived down the street how convenient

9. you took pride in being an American, you compared everything now you’re married

10. you’d rather work than do anything, I was desperate and lonely

11. we used to be good friends,
but cuddling confuses me

12. everything just stopped I think you lost interest or just forgot to take your meds

13. your questions were annoying like why I didn’t have a boyfriend, you weren’t even suppose to come over

14. we are the most contradicting pair, we’re at it again

15. you’re just a kid I think I’m a woman